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Helping  disability providers deliver person centred care under the NDIS

AbilityX is a digital health solution helping disability providers deliver outcome based, person centred care under the NDIS.  We help streamline the financial and operational functions through the automation of workforce scheduling, invoicing, payroll and claiming while supporting you to deliver safe and quality care.

Why AbilityX

Comprehensive yet simple.

Compliant & NDIS Ready

Know what your services really cost to deliver

Improve client


Simplify administrative processes and save time

Works in all disability

support environments

Developed with disability service providers

Improved communication

and transparency

Continually evolving to

meet the rapidly changing

disability environment



Everything you need. And more.

Client Management

Putting your client at the centre  

AbilityX helps you to capture and manage extensive client information including, but not limited to, personal details, support plans, medical history and case notes.

Information is gathered and recorded at all stages of the client support lifecycle, from quoting and on-boarding, service delivery and progress through to the review of the support plan.

Secure log in and multiple user access levels provide a simple and secure way of linking the appropriate people to the right information.

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Some of our key features


Easy quoting and on-boarding of clients.

Client Portal

Carer/Family portal bridges

the communication gap between the organisation and the client’s circle of support.

Support Plan


Store and retrieve person centred plans and a wide

range of client related


Document Storage


Securely attach and retrieve 

any document for a client.

HR & Workforce Management

Making care coordination easier and safe

AbilityX allows you to manage the on-boarding and administration of all your workforce (full time, part time or volunteers).  Easily record and track relevant information, contact and address details, training and qualifications, availability and leave.

Our flexible rostering module provides transparency of service delivery across your organisation and ensures automated day to day record keeping.


The roster ensures that staff with the appropriate training and skills are matched to each client in order to meet their individual needs and goals using a holistic and person centred approach.

Contact us for a demo and see how AbilityX can support you.

Some of our key features

Staff Record Management

On-board, record and

manage relevant staff (full time, part time or volunteers) records.

Rostering and Scheduling

Flexible rostering caters for staff, clients, rooms, activities, buses and

external resources.

Qualifications & Certifications

Track currency, status and attach relevant supporting documentation.

Leave Management


Easily manage and track

the availability of your workforce.

Client Outcomes

Ensuring your clients achieve their goals


AbilityX allows individualised and detailed client goals and objectives to be created, managed, and attached to a wide range of client services.

Our patented outcomes measurement and reflections module allows for quick and easy capture of client focused information (client program notes, level of supports provided and apparent engagement and enjoyment).


Easily generate outcome data that can be charted or aggregated to meet the requirements of various quality standards. 

Track client progress and achievements in relation to individual goals and objectives.

Contact us for a demo and see how AbilityX can support you.

Some of our key features

Goals & Objectives

Develop individual goals, objectives and program services for all clients.


Capture individual client

notes, level of supports provided, engagement and enjoyment at service delivery.


Easily track progress towards achievement of individual goals and objectives through the reflections module


Alert staff when objectives need to be reviewed (either when achieved or no

progress has been recorded).

Reporting & Dashboards

Know how your organisation is performing and get real time status of service delivery

Our extensive reporting capability enables you to produce reports for all aspects of your organisation including individual services, clients, sites and much more. 

Create a Profit and Loss report on an individual client level and easily drill through to the individual goal and objective or to the specific activity or service.

Setup automated month end reporting at the board, organisation, cost centre, account, services and individual client level.

Easy track client funding, services provided, staff certification and qualifications and much more on the client and staff dashboards.

Having quality information digitally available means that you are always prepared for any audit requirements.

Contact us for a demo and see how AbilityX can support you.

Some of our key features

Client Dashboard

View personal details, funding, services provided and progress towards goals and objectives on client dashboard.

Staff Dashboard

View personal details, services provided, leave, qualifications and certification and much more.



Report on all aspects of your organisation.


Automated monthly reporting for all organisation levels.

Audit Ready

Always prepared for any

audit requirement.

Accounting, Payroll & Claims

Know what your services really cost to deliver and Claim with confidence

AbilityX integrates with industry standard accounting and payroll software packages.

Our automated payroll time sheets allow for detailed costing of labour to each individual service or client which reduces payroll processing costs, whilst providing the ability to cost service delivery with great accuracy.

With our multidimensional reporting capability you can easily drill through to individual cost centres, financial accounts, services, individual clients and individual transactions.

Automatically create client invoices based on rostered services delivered.

AbilityX supports integration with the NDIS for easy bulk claiming which helps to reduce the time it takes for you to get paid.

Contact us for a demo and see how AbilityX can support you.

Some of our key features


The automated integration

of the roster, payroll and accounting system allocates actual labour costs to

services and individual clients.


Automatically create client invoices based on rostered services delivered.

Timesheet Management

Automated payroll processing from the rostering module.

NDIS Claiming

Supports integration with 

NDIS for easy bulk claiming.

Reduce the time to get paid.

NDIS Ready

Supports the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding framework

AbilityX supports you to continuously improve and provide safe and quality services.

Easily manage, track and report incidents and complaints with our online Incident and Complaints Management modules. 

Helps you to stay on top of your workforce training and skills to ensure quality services are being delivered at all time.

Contact us for a demo and see how AbilityX can support you.

Some of our key features

Incident Management

Report and manage incidents.

 Integrated with DHHS CIMS

(Client Incident Management System).

Complaints Management


Record, track and manage complaints to ensure effective resolution.

Continuous Improvement

Record and track suggestions

for improvements to service


Training & Skills

Keep track of staff

Qualification and Certifications and get alerted when they expire.


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